Thursday, September 27, 2007

Ancient Japan

The Kamakura period (1186 - 1333) is herald by the location of political power in Kamakura, located about 28 miles southwest of Tokyo. The Imperial court gave gratitude to the de factor rule of Minamoto Yoritomo by confer on him the title shogun after he defeated the Taira family in 1185 positively in the battle of Dan no Ura. Yoritomo recognized his base in Kamakura. The Kamakura bakufu tent administration was Japan's foremost military or warrior government. The bakufu prohibited the country through a system of appointed governors and state wards. The bakufu's major area of control was in the eastern zone far from Kyoto, where the ruler still lived. Warrior bands which had previously been under the rule of Kyoto gave their commitment to the Minamoto and the system of bakufu rule.

This shift in political authority marks the beginning of the medieval period in Japan, and period that lasted roughly until the commencement of the 17th century. This political change had long-term effects; although various clans held power through the ages, the shogunate form of government lasted awaiting the 19th century give way of the Tokugawa in 1868.

Monday, September 10, 2007

A cold winter morning

I am lying on a white, sandy beach with the glowing sun beating down directly on my tanned summer body. I notice the beautiful, Puerto Rican Cabana boy heading over to replenish my newly empty Margarita glass. I look around my private beach and at the crystal clear, sparkling ocean water tempting me warmly in to its open arms. I get up from my bed on the sand, walking gradually to the water. The sand is flaming my bare feet with such passion that I speed my walk up almost into a jog. As I reach the waterfront I stop, as a falling wave is heading toward my glazing body; I step closer to be in its direct path. I move smoothly in with such grace; I prepare myself for the cool, refreshing bath. I hear an alarm bell screaming, I look around in a panic as it is hurting my ears and giving me a powerful headache. My beach is wandering away, and then it is gone. The ‘warmness my body feels is gone.

I open my eyes; I am gloomy, lifeless room. My alarm clock is going off and the sound can only be compared with exhausted your fingernails across a chalkboard.

Monday, September 03, 2007

Flak jacket

A flak jacket or flak vest is a type of caring clothing. Today it frequently refers to bulletproof vests, particularly Type III and on top of which have added steel, titanium, ceramic or polyethylene saucers which can resist high-powered rounds such as from rifles.