Saturday, May 19, 2007

Content Management System

A Content Management System is a software system intended for content management. This includes computer files, image media, audio files, electronic documents and web content. The idea behind a Content Management System is to make these files available inter-office, as well as over the web. A Content Management System would most often be used as archival as well. Many companies use a Content Management System to store files in a non-proprietary form. Companies using a Content Management System file share with ease, as most systems use server based software, even further broadening file availability. As shown below, many Content Management Systems include a feature for Web Content, and some have a feature for a "workflow process."

"Workflow" is the idea of moving an electronic document along for either approval, or for adding content. Some Content Management Systems will simply facilitate this process with email notification, and automated routing. This is ideally a mutual creation of documents. A Content Management System facilitates the organization, control, and publication of a large body of documents and other content, such as images and multimedia resources.

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