Monday, February 04, 2008

Custom duty

Customs is a power or agency in a country in charge for collecting customs duties and for controlling the flow of people, animals and goods (including personal effects and hazardous items) in and out of the country. Depending on local legislation and regulations, the import or export of some goods may be controlled or prohibited, and the customs agency enforces this system. The customs agency may be different from the colonization authority, which monitors persons who leave or enter the country, checking for suitable documentation, apprehend people wanted by international search warrants, and impede the entry of others deemed hazardous to the country.
A customs duty is a charge tax on the import of goods or export of goods. In England, customs duties were conventionally part of the customary revenue of the king, and therefore did not need parliamentary consent to be levy, unlike excise duties, land tax, or other impositions.

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