Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Will the "new computer" be the browser?

WWDC in San Fransisco today had the computer world all a-twitter. During the day today eight out of the ten trending topics on Twitter were about WWDC and Apple products that were being announced and discussed at WWDC. #1 - AT&T, #2 - iPhone, #4 - Apple, #5 - Safari 4, #6 - Squarespace, #7 - WWDC, #9 - Snow Leopard, #10 - MMS.

I watched with interest as many twitterers I follow were doing "play-by-play," as new information came out of WWDC. Then they commented on the new information. I had no idea which systems they had, whether they were Windows, Mac or Linux. Then I started hearing comments about the new Macs. And they talked about their current systems and how they want to get the new ones. I suddenly realized that many of them were using Macs. And I also realized that it didn't matter what they were using, that the browser connected us all and that we all looked at the same interface. We were all communicating on twitter, regardless of the O/S and browser we were using.

Sure, there are some differences between Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Safari. But for the most part, pages viewed and websites visited are all the same, no matter which flavor of browser you use. It doesn't matter - with a browser and an internet connection, you can access all of the websites and all of the social media places on the internet. And with very minimal differences.

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