Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Austrian Space Forum Successfully Tests Mars Suit ‘Aouda.X’ in Spain

A team from the Austrian Space Forum is arriving back in Austria April 25, 2011 following a week testing its analogue space suit 'Aouda.X' in the semi-desert of Rio Tinto in Spain. This suit has been developed by the Austrian Space Forum over three years and is one of the best models of its kind worldwide.

The European Space Agency (ESA) also participated in this mission with the Mars rover 'Eurobot'. This 1.5 million Euro prototype was been transported from the Netherlands to Spain and passed its first test under field conditions on April 19. Valuable scientific and technical data have been collected between during the tests, which ran from April 18 to 21. Aouda.X and Eurobot completed several activities together, demonstrating it was possible to test the man-machine-interface, which will play a vital role in a real Mars mission.

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