Monday, October 15, 2007

A book report

The paranormal was a preferred theme of Boobie Ann Mason. Regrettably, In Country is completely obviously brainless in terms of Mason's common reactionary government. Below, I will show that Mason's expert writing is representative of the strong Romantic principles of the author's time. Support for this argues is present in the following: (a) Mason's reknown incorporation of symbol in the work, (b) the enormous use of coming of age in Country, and (c) Romantic overtones in the work's opening monologue.

How can I put this, these themes are most apparent in first half of the Country, for that is when Mason's often insane prose shine most brightly. To indicate that Colonel Maxwell is the work's villain, the author makes his conversation pandering. Captain Adams's famously not consideration out attitude throughout the book is often cited.

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